Welcome to INRUCA World's First Smart Bag, Designed for the New Normal

INRUCA-Genius: World's First Smart Bag

Get Real-time Alerts on Your phone if you forget your INRUCA Smart Bag Anywhere

Now You Don't have to worry about forgetting your backpack and potentially losing it's contents.

INRUCA-Genius alerts you in real-time (via INRUCA mobile app) if you forget your Smart bag anywhere.

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Carry your bag, Disinfect Your Stuff

Your phone, keys and wallet are hotbeds for bacteria and infections? No more!

With INRUCA Smart Bag, you can disinfect them by 99.96% simply by placing them in the integrated UV-C pocket and activating the sanitization.


No more keys, only fingerprints

Never worry about losing your keys or remembering those passwords.

INRUCA Genius is the World's First Bag to offer a fingerprint locking system that allows you to unlock your bag in only 0.1 seconds storing fingerprints of up to 4 admins.


Recharge your mobile on the move*

Recharge your mobile phone, tablet or any other USB powered device on the move through the external USB port.

Simply connect a power bank (not included) with the USB cable inside the bag and recharge your devices on the move.

* - Powerbank not included.