Care Instructions

6 care tips:

The number 6 has a special significance for INRUCA. It is our founder Varun's lucky number, the number of many 'lucky' things in his life and is our number of recommendations to keep your INRUCA backpack in its best condition.

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INRUCA backpacks are designed to create extra-large capacities. The space is more than sufficient for all your needs. Do not overfill as it may damage the electronic components of the backpack. To minimize the risk of color bleeding onto leather or clothing, avoid prolonged contact between light and dark colors.
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Use a soft cloth and avoid any harmful chemical products or artificial stainers that may alter the finish of your INRUCA backpack. To help reduce the look of marks on the surface of, gently rub in a circular motion with a damp cloth.
Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light and humidity. If your INRUCA backpack gets wet, don't worry. It's created to withstand harsh weather. Just dry off the area with an absorbent, non-pilling cloth when you can and it should get back to brand new.
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If you plan to store your INRUCA backpack for long (3 months or more), store in an upright position in its original box packaging. This helps to maintain the structural rigidity of the backpack.
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Electronics are complicated and a single malfunctioning component renders the whole device dysfunctional. Do not expose the electronic components to any water damage. Do not expose yourself to the UVC LED lights. They cause cancer.
Your INRUCA backpack is your everyday companion - from office to hiking and everything in between. Appreciate your INRUCA backpack as it accompanies you to a new adventure, everyday.