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INRUCA ONE: The backpack from the Future

1. Never forget anything anywhere: Never forget anything anywhere with our patent-pending technology that provides real-time monitoring of laptop, wallet & keys via INRUCA mobile app.


2. Keep your loved ones safe: Patent-pending built-in sanitation that kills 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses on your mobile phone, wallets, keys, and other belongings.


3. Protect Everything: Secure Everything with our patent-pending Fingerprint locking, Proximity alert system, Find-my-bag & RFID proofeasy-access pockets.


4. Power, when you need it: Never run out of battery again with the available built-in power bank.


5. Light the light within: Never search anything in the dark again with the ONLY backpack in the world that provides integrated light within.


6. Carry the way you like: Briefcase, Backpack or Carry on. You decide.


7. Luxury Everywhere: Lined and padded interiors, Rust-proof Japanese Zippers, Waterproof & Scratch-proof exteriors. Move with luxury. Move with technology.