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The People


"The world wants you to Fail but The Universe needs you to Succeed" - Varun, Founder



Why you are doing this?

In 2012, I lost my mother to brain cancer.

When a loved one gets cancer, your whole world stops. I know we've heard this a million times before. Still, cancer changes everything when it happens to you or to someone you truly love. No matter how many times you've heard the story, no movie plot can compare to the pain you feel as you watch someone you hoped would live forever wither away.

I will always remember my mom as a strong woman who paved the way for many, encouraging them to chase their dreams and show the world that women are powerful, too. I will always be proud of her.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Today in Canada and across the globe, we are facing unprecedented challenges that COVID-19 has brought into our lives.

This is when I decided to make an impact.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, and security comes from knowing that you and your loved ones are free from harm and danger.

That’s why we are dedicated to developing products that protect, empower, and have a meaningful impact on people, their families and their communities.

That's absolutely and by far the stuff that gives me the greatest sense of peace and purpose.


What keeps you going?

If we can save one life, it’s worth it. This is what keeps me going.


What’s one message that you want to give to the world?

Overcome your fears. They are not as powerful as you think they are.


Why are you doing this?

Life must be inspiring. Otherwise what’s the point of living?

I am doing this to inspire my kids Victor and Sophie, so they can look forward to their life and feel good about it.

We live in a very dangerous world right now. Global warming, COVID-19, large scale cyber-attacks, water-crisis etc. are all unprecedented dangers that can potentially wipe-out the human race.

I want to do my part in fighting against these enemies so when I am ready to hang my boots, I would know that I tried. I choose to take action rather than talking myself out of it.  


What keeps you going?

My family.

I was born in a poor family in India where five of us (Mom, Dad, my 2 sisters and I) lived in a tiny 7’ x 7’ room. My parents worked really hard to make the ends meet. I am forever indebted to them for all the compromises they made so that we can create a good life for us.

I remember my father used to say:

"Do whatever you want to as long as you know in your heart it's the right thing to do".

I know I can contribute to the world my making game-changing products that empower, protect and make an impact on people's lives. 

So I am doing it and I hope one day my kids Victor & Sophie do the same thing too.


What’s one message that you want to give to the world?

The world needs you.

It’s waiting for you to contribute that one thing ONLY YOU can give.

The question you need to ask yourself is;

Are you willing to do it or are you going to talk yourself out of it with some self-validated reason?