Our Story


Why do we exist?

INRUCA is created to make life Smarter, Better & Easier.  

We are a team of geeks, based here in Ottawa, who share a passion for technology, innovation and design and we make game changing products which are next level genius. 

What’s our Vision?

There's so much technology & innovation surrounding our generation and we want to be a part of this eco-system that works together to push us forward.

Our vision is:

“To be a part of the technology ecosystem that makes products that simplify human life”.


What’s our Mission?

Our mission is:
"To make things Simple"

Steve Jobs said: “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

We get motivated by ideas of creating products which makes our life easier

Why Sustainability?

Sustainability is the future and the need of the hour. There's no use of technology and innovation if we don't move forward sustainably. 
We want those who buy INRUCA products to be able to enjoy sustainable lifestyles, both today and tomorrow. It's imperative that we look ahead and work for what matters both today and tomorrow.

Our Sustainability Guarantees:

Happy World - INRUCA
All our products are manufactured in an environmentally sensitive manner, from sustainably sourced materials and ingredients.
Happy Worker - INRUCA
We ensure that the manufacturing process of our products are free from child labour and human trafficking and we also check that all workers paid a living wage.
1% of all our sales go to Ottawa Foodbank to feed the poor and needy. We believe feeding the poor is the least a human being can do and we committed to ensuring no one is hungry.
We only use vegan-based materials where normally animal by-products are used by others. For example, we use vegan-friendly leather instead of real leather.
Cruelty Free
We are strictly against animal testing and we ensure all our products are made with sustainably sourced ingredients/materials free from animal testing.