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The "Why"


INRUCA is not just another company that designs and sells products that solve problems.

Yes, we create some of the best products in the world and in some cases, we do that better than almost anybody else but we are far more than that.

At INRUCA, we are on a mission to push the human race forward, sustainably. We are one crazy family who dare to risk it all and who constantly push to overcome our fears.

It’s important that our children (Victor and Sophie) have a future that is inspiring and appealing. There must be reasons that you get up from bed in the morning and you want to live. This is the future that we want to create for our kids.


Why the name INRUCA?

INRUCA was founded by married co-founders Varun & Mariya. 

We wanted to make a brand which combines our individual identities as well as our deeply embedded love for Canada.

  • Varun is from India (IN)
  • Mariya is ethnically Russian (RU)
  • Canada is our home (CA).

Hence the name IN RU CA.

Learn more about our founders here

What’s our Vision?

We want to make this world a better place for our children. We are far from perfect, but we have just started.

Our vision is:

“To sustainably push the human race forward and to make the future inspiring and appealing for our children”.


What’s our Mission?

  • We exist to empower and inspire people, regardless of their relationship to us. It is our higher purpose.
  • We stand for challenging the norms, for being innovative and being open to change.
  • We do not take things for granted. In fact, we stand for smart-working 100 hours a week to make things happen.
  • And most importantly, we stand for our family.
  • Why "Family First, Business Second"?

    In 2012, our co-founder Mariya lost her mother to cancer.

    When a loved one gets cancer, your whole world stops. I know we've heard this a million times before. Still, cancer changes everything when it happens to you or to someone you truly love.

    Most of us take people and family for granted, because we are too busy running the race of life. And we don't realise what we have missed until it's too late.

    We do not want our kids Victor & Sophie to follow the same path. Therefore, since that point it's always Family First, Business Second.

    We want to clarify one thing here though. We are not saying we don't put in the required hours that our 3rd child (the business) requires. In fact, we put in way more hours of smart-work than most others do.

    What we want to say here is that we want to inspire our kids to make the right choices in their life and for that, we must teach them the value of family. 

    Why Honest and Transparent?

    We live in the world of "fake news" and questionable political practices and corporate influence. Companies know more about you than you yourself do. This isn't right. This is not how things should be and we are committed to not to use such things. 

    We believe in honesty and transparency.

    We are not a big, multi-national company with millions of dollars in funding who hire the best ad agencies to sell you something you don't really need.

    Rather, we are a small team of a married couple and a few engineers who make game changing products that we use ourselves.  

    We treat our customers like family and we hope that if our customers love our product, they will share the word.


    What are our Core Values?

    Our core values are ‘Family’ and ‘Sustainability’.

    Our family inspires us to choose:
    • Quality over profits

    • Service over Gains

    • Sustainability over Growth

    • Persistence over quitting

    A family's most important heritage is the values that are passed on from generation to generation and we want to leave this world a better place for our kids. 

    We cannot create a good future for our children unless we move the world forward sustainably.
    We want those who buy INRUCA products to be able to enjoy sustainable lifestyles, both today and tomorrow. It's imperative that we look ahead and work for what matters both today and tomorrow.

    Our Sustainability Guarantees:

    Happy World - INRUCA
    All our products are manufactured in an environmentally sensitive manner, from sustainably sourced materials and ingredients.
    Happy Worker - INRUCA
    We ensure that the manufacturing process of our products are free from child labour and human trafficking and we also check that all workers paid a living wage.
    1% of all our sales go to Ottawa Foodbank to feed the poor and needy. We believe feeding the poor is the least a human being can do and we committed to ensuring no one is hungry.
    We only use vegan-based materials where normally animal by-products are used by others. For example, we use vegan-friendly leather instead of real leather.
    Cruelty Free
    We are strictly against animal testing and we ensure all our products are made with sustainably sourced ingredients/materials free from animal testing.