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INRUCA UV-C Disinfectant



Schools & Day Cares

Dentists & Physiotherapists

Hospitals & Care Homes

Offices & Shopping Malls

99.99% Lab-Certified Efficiency

The INRUCA UV-C Disinfectant is designed to reduce viruses, mold spores, yeast, and harmful bacteria such as Clostridioides and Streptococcus that can exist in the air and specifically on hard surfaces.

A report dated August 28th 2020, with reference number 552010493, by EMSL laboratories independently tested and certified that INRUCA UV-C disinfectant kills 99.99% of dangerous E.coli and Salmonella enterica. 


INRUCA UVC Test repot

Access full EMSL Lab report here

Using a 150W high-powered UV-C lamp to emit concentrated rays, the machine is able to disinfect rooms with various surfaces.

It is suitable for use in a range of environments including schools and day-care centers, veterinary clinics, dental practitioners, research laboratories, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, malls, toilets, washrooms, Physiotherapists, meeting rooms, and any other indoor space visited by different people.

The system is especially useful because it eliminates harmful microbes without using harmful chemicals. The disinfection it provides is entirely ultraviolet light-based.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to clean and sanitize your whole house, office, or business location then this device is for you!

The central feature of this device is the unique design of the lamp arm extension

  • 31.88” lamp arm length for maximum ray emission and optimal reach over surfaces
  • 150W UV-C high purity quartz lamps power the disinfection process by emitting the strongest of UV-C rays at 253.7 nanometres, to clean the air and surfaces of a room.
  • The adjustable lamp arm with 180° range of motion so that you can adjust it to rest at whatever angle will best suit the specifications of your room or surface.

These design features gives this device a practical dual purpose:

  1. Whole room sanitation- ideal if you work in a setting where it’s important to ensure the entire space is disinfected of germs e.g. class room or assisted living where germs can easily affect people
  1. Deep surface target sanitation - ideal if you work in a professional in which you regularly work on one surface e.g. chef on kitchen counters or veterinary clinic

Simple and Safe to Use:

INRUCA UV, mindful of your need for ease and efficiency has made this device simple but safe to use.

The lamp is easy to position and easy to turn on. After you’ve set the timer to a length that suits either your schedule or disinfectant needs (from 1 to 120 minutes) you’re almost ready to go. Because exposure UV-C rays are harmful to eyes and skin all you need to do is take a few minutes to check and clear the room of all people, animals and plants and you’re set to press start. The device even has a voice prompter to alert you to when it will start.

Once the device has run for the time set it will automatically shut off. You can then switch of and unplug it, and return the lamp arm to its storage position. Simple as that.

Easy Storage:

To accommodate the long UVC lamp, INRUCA UVC Disinfectant has been designed to easily fold reducing storage space requirements. 4 x 360° motion wheels on the base make it easy to move the INRUCA UV-C Sterilizer into position and also helps  for moving  to various rooms in your building

  • With its 180° range of motion the lamp arm folds back into the chamber base
  • The base has 4 wheels with 360° motion making it easy to move into position or transport to various rooms in your building
  • The base is made of high strength steel that is clean, aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable

Time required to Disinfect

A medium-sized 10' by 10' (100 sq ft) requires only 30 minutes to kill 97.9% of microbes.

Disclaimer: This dosage information is for commonly available microbial stains only. If you have a specific microbe you would like to target, please contact us for exact calculations.

It is important that you avoid exposure to your eyes or skin when using the INRUCA UVC surface disinfector. Ultraviolet (UV-C) light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear. We recommend turning the unit on and walking out of the room.


Suitable Industries/Applications: 

Schools and day-care centers, veterinary clinics, dental practitioners, research laboratories, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, malls, toilets, washrooms, Physiotherapists, meeting rooms, and any indoor space visited by different people.


Download User Manual here

FAQ's about INRUCA UV-C Disinfectant

Yes. There's ample evidence that UV-C is effective way of sterilising against disease causing microbes. UV-C has been approved by FDA, WHO and other world agencies. In fact, UV-C has been used in hospitals for sterilising surgical instruments for over 50 years. You can read more about UV-C on our blog here.

INRUCA UV-C Sterilizer  is suitable for sterilization and disinfection of nearly all indoor spaces: from offices, schools, day-care facilities, warehouses, clinics, hospitals, public bathrooms, break rooms and anywhere else germs and odours are sure to lurk.

Sterilization with UV-C light does not require any harmful chemicals. The INRUCA UV-C sterilizer kills micro-organisms irrespective of drug resistance and without toxic chemicals.

No. It’s extremely easy to use — just plug it in, place in the middle of the room to be sterilized and leave the area. The device turns on via an infrared remote control or its onboard timer setting. The lamp has a delay start of 30 seconds to assure user safety.

INRUCA UV-C Sterilizer can be used to sterilize rooms as large as 15' x 15' (4.57m x 4.57m). The sterilisation time depends on the room size. 

It depends on room size and what exactly you want to eradicate. Bacteria and viruses take lesser time while Fungus and/or Mold require more time. As a general rule, you need to run the INRUCA UV-C sterilizer for 30 minutes for a 10' x 10' room if you want to target bacteria and viruses. Detailed dosage calculation is available in the product manual.

Currently we have sold out the second batch of pre-orders already. Due to high demand, the expected delivery time for USA/Canada is about 6 weeks from order. We endeavour to deliver sooner, if we can. 

We are based in Ottawa - the Capital of Canada and we ship all our products from our warehouse here in Ottawa.

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